Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lowcountry SC May Hurricane Exercise

Work Together. Practice. Respond.
This past weekend, the Lowcountry SC Chapter of the Red Cross hosted a multi-state disaster response exercise. During this drill, teams from across the Carolinas worked together to prepare for and respond to a scenario in which a hurricane made landfall on the coast. 

Red Cross volunteers and employees gathered together for four days to plan and practice providing food, shelter, and emotional support to people in North and South Carolina, before and after a major hurricane landfall. Throughout the exercise, participants responded to real-time updates and adjusted the response as needed to meet the needs of communities and individuals affected by the disaster.

Preparedness is critical year-round in our communities, but it often comes to the forefront in South Carolina as hurricane season approaches. Conducting exercises using real-life scenarios, such as this hurricane, allows the Red Cross to be better prepared to meet the needs of those impacted by a major storm. While we cannot predict what disaster may occur next and where, we can take steps to minimize the impact that it has on our communities. - Tony Reid, Red Cross Regional Disaster Officer
Locally, thirty-eight volunteers participated in the program.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

VolunTEENs Conduct End-of-Year Recognition and Celebration Event at Weston Lake


 A group of sixty Red Cross VolunTEENs hosted an end-of-year event at Weston Lake to celebrate their year's many successes and recognize outstanding members of their service group. The club leaders pictured above are Megan Reardon, the re-elected president; Phillip Lyew-Daniels, the out-going vice-president; Ciara Wilson, incoming vice-president; Chanse Sonsalla, outgoing secretary; and Laurel Fite, re-elected historian/club reporter. Monique Sparkman, the incoming secretary, is not pictured.

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