Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ready Rating Program

How prepared is your business, school or organization for a disaster or emergency?
Hurricanes and other natural disasters are not the only emergencies that could affect your business or organization.  Water main breaks, medical emergencies, and power outages can also affect the daily routine in the work place.
The American Red Cross has developed the #Free Ready Rating Program to help businesses, schools and other organizations assess their readiness level and take steps now to better prepare for emergencies.
Ready Rating has a variety of tools including:
  • An Emergency Response Plan Tool
    • Program members can build a custom plan to help their employees know their roles in the first 24-71 hours of an emergency
  • Next Steps Report
    • Recommends specific actions members should take and the level of effort required to execute them
  • A Resource Center
    • Includes preparedness tools including activities and exercises, so businesses can better develop and practice preparedness plans
  • A Ready Rating Store
    • Emergency supplies
Ready Rating Program Members complete a confidential assessment of their current readiness level for emergencies and receive immediate, customized feedback with resources and tips to help them improve their level of readiness.
Be prepared before an emergency or disaster strikes!
Download the American Red Cross Emergency App to stay up to date during an emergency.

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