Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Successful Smoke Alarm Blitz in The Upstate

Teams of Firefighters and American Red Cross, and Pulse Volunteers knocked on doors across the upstate ready to inform and install smoke alarms this past Saturday. The group was a part of The Red Cross' Home Fire Preparedness Campaign that is helping families across the country prevent and prepare for home fires.

South Carolina consistently ranks within the top ten states for home fire deaths per capita. Behind one of the doors, the volunteers met a new resident who just moved in after her previous home was destroyed in a fire. She was excited to know her new home would have working smoke alarms.

Another especially appreciative resident was Becky, who works full time and worries about her husband at home with health issues. 

In addition to installing 10-year lithium smoke alarms for free, the volunteers informed the community about home fire preparedness and home fire prevention. However, one 5-year old, Caleb was way ahead of them. Caleb explained to the volunteers that he and his siblings know to crawl if they see smoke and where to meet their family after an evacuation.

"Having working smoke alarms almost doubles your chances of surviving a home fire," says Ann Wright, executive director of the American Red Cross. By the end of the day, 270 smoke alarms were installed across Upstate South Carolina. 

To become a Red Cross volunteer, make a financial contribution, or learn more about how to keep your family safe in the event of a fire, visit

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