Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cleanup Kits to the Rescue for a Resilient Community

The people of Ridgeland, SC are still recovering from significant damage to their surroundings from Hurricane Matthew.  Twelve days after the storm streets are getting clear, traffic is beginning to return to normal and businesses are starting to see customers return.  However for the first five days after the storm there was no electric and the roads were impassable. 

“The city was closed down for five days because of the power being out and trees across all of the roads” said Ridgeland resident Aaron Bush.

“The water damage was not too bad, we just have a lot of cleanup to do, but nothing terrible” said resident Lillie Doss.  “It was the power and the trees that shut our town down”

The church requested that their members assist with unloading the truck when it arrived and seven church members were there ready to work.  It was obvious how happy the church members were to see the supplies truck arrive from the Red Cross.  Filled with cleanup kits, water, gloves, shovels and containers to help the residents complete the recovery process.     

The road to recovery is not easy however it is apparent how resilient the community of Richland is and how ready they are to get back to normal. 

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