Monday, October 17, 2016

Keeping the Sherman Family Safe by Virginia Becker

The Sherman family is very close knit. So much so that they all live right next to each other in the same trailer park in Conway South Carolina. Like most everyone else in this inland city, they were told that they would not need to evacuate for Hurricane Matthew.

Everyone was asleep on Sat. Oct 8, 2016 when Hurricane Matthew blasted into Conway. The wind began to howl and the hurricane force winds began to blow. Large trees were uprooted and fell all around them. Fortunately, no one was hurt. A tree hit the corner of one house, blew the chimney off another and tore off countless singles. But thankfully, everyone survived Hurricane Matthew well.

A week later, the families were beginning to feel safe again. Unfortunately, they were not out of danger. The nearby rivers began to overflow and flood areas that have never been flooded before. “I have lived in Conway for 81 years,” said Miss Sarah Frances Sherman. “I have never seen flooding like this before.”

Wanting to make certain that they were all safe, they sought shelter at the Red Cross shelter set up at a church in Conway. When I asked them what they thought about their stay at the shelter, Frances Mayfield said, “The Red Cross has been treating us great! We walked into love and open arms. Plenty to eat and drink. You don’t have to want for anything.”

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