Monday, October 17, 2016

Marlyn's Journey

On Saturday, October 8, Marlyn Lewis was asleep in her home in Florence, South Carolina when she was awakened by a large crashing sound.  A large tree had fallen on her roof and demolished most of her home.  Thankfully, the tree did not land in her bedroom.   

This was particularly devastating to Marlyn who had been homeless until September 28 when she finally secured a place to call her own. She had been working two jobs and saved every little penny until she had enough for first and last months’ rent.   

FortunatelyMarlyn was able to go to a Red Cross shelter in Florence. Although the original shelter she went to had to close down, she was assisted by Red Cross volunteers to an alternate shelter and remains in good spirits.  

“The Red Cross has been very helpful and they all have a good attitude," says Marlyn, "I was especially glad to be helped by Brad (Red Cross volunteer) & Miss Debbie (Red Cross nurse)." 

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