Thursday, October 13, 2016

Still feeling the effects of Hurricane Matthew? Shelter locations here:

Shelters that are open as of 5:30 pm on Thursday, October 20th: 

Marion County
National Guard Armory, 1018 Gilcrest Street, Mullens, SC

Horry County 
James R Frazier Community Center, 1370 Bucksport Road, Bucksport, SC 29527

What should you bring when going to a shelter:

  • prescription and emergency medication
  • medical equipment such as a wheelchair/walker, oxygen, etc.
  • extra clothing
  • pillows
  • blankets and sleeping bags
  • hygiene supplies
  • flashlight with extra batteries
  • small board games
  • books for entertainment
  • specialty snacks and juices for those with dietary restrictions
  • basic snacks
  • baby food and formula
  • diapers
  • beach chair or camp chair
  • identification
  • insurance papers
  • other comfort items

Red Cross Emergency App
Find an open shelter in read-time by download the FREE Red Cross Emergency App. 

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