Friday, October 7, 2016

Texas Volunteer Responds to Fourth DRO Since March

Houston, Texas resident Joy Infantozzi saw a need for volunteers in her community after severe storms caused massive flooding across Texas during 2016 displacing hundreds from their homes and causing several deaths.

A bi-lingual elementary school teacher, she found herself free to volunteer for the Red Cross after moving from Dallas to Houston, saying the timing was right for her to give back to the community.

Joy said she became familiar with Red Cross in 2010 when her husband’s company had a partnership with the organization called Be Ready When the Time Comes.

“I didn’t become an active volunteer until this year when I saw a need because of all the flooding and signed up,” Joy said.

Since March, Joy has volunteered on four disaster operations, currently deployed to the South Carolina. Arriving in Myrtle Beach on Oct. 5, she will use her training in mass care, sheltering and as needed, damage assessment, she said.

She said she volunteered to come to Myrtle Beach in response to the threat of Hurricane Matthew because “everybody came to Texas to help us out so it was my turn to repay the favor.”

“I really enjoy volunteering,” Joy said of her work with the Red Cross. “The organization has such a wonderful mission. It is very rewarding to see people that you can help or at least get a little smile on their face after losing everything. Also, I’m just really proud to be in the Red Cross.”

Photos/story by Angela Nicholas/American Red Cross 

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