Thursday, January 28, 2016

Helping his Home

Just a few months ago, South Carolina was in a state of emergency when historic flooding affected thousands of families across the state. During the first few days of the storm, as the Red Cross was sheltering those who were evacuated from the rising waters, Rhett Reeves knew that he wanted to help. Although not personally impacted by the flooding, he saw fellow South Carolinians in need of shelter, food, and water being helped by the Red Cross. Reeves, the owner of RJR Enterprises, a marketing, design and consulting company, decided to take action.  

Reeves worked with the American Red Cross to launch the "South Carolina Home" campaign where he designed and sold t-shirts with an image of South Carolina and the word, “home.” 

“People that were not in trouble with the flood wanted to help, and buying a shirt was a simple way to do that,” says Reeves.   

The “South Carolina Home” campaign was a huge success. Over 6,800 shirts were sold raising more than $100,000 for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. 

Reeves credits social media sharing for the publicity. “Sharing a post on social media makes such a huge difference,” says Reeves, “and because of that, the South Carolina Home campaign went viral.”  

Reeves is continuing his support of the Red Cross, launching campaigns for the recent flooding in Missouri and tornadoes in Texas. His shirts are available at

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