Sunday, October 30, 2016

It Takes a Team

By: Steve Olson, American Red Cross

When disaster strikes, no one organization has the resources to meet everyone’s needs.  Increasingly, organizations are becoming more and more unified with a singular sense of purpose - alleviate the suffering and hardship of those affected by a disaster. 

In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, a multitude of organizations have joined forces to provide various forms of assistance - sheltering, food preparation and distribution, comfort care, transportation, damage assessment, clean up supplies and a wide range of other help.  Without question, there are plenty of opportunities for organizations to pitch in and provide a helping hand. 

Recently the cooperation was evidenced at the North Conway Baptist Church which offered its facilities as a staging area for responders to hurricane Matthew and the following floods.  Present at one time were several organizations representing a few of the many that lend a helping hand. 

Volunteers from the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Southern Baptists, Impact ministries and retired firefighters from New York worked tirelessly together for a common cause.These organizations were complemented by the many churches in the community, first responders - police and firefighters - as well as businesses and individuals in the community. These are just a few of the organizations that represent the compassionate nature of the American people.

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